City Farm finds its first farmer

After years of work dedicated to acquiring  20-acres of some of the last farmland in the heart of San Luis Obispo, Central Coast Grown (CCG) now wishes to welcome Nicola Allegretta, of Mama’s Meatballs Restaurant, as the first farmer at City Farm, San Luis Obispo. The decision by the City of San Luis Obispo to conserve such a prominent piece of prime agricultural land for production and education truly demonstrates their strong commitment to local food systems and natural resource conservation.


CCG Executive Director, Jenna Smith & Nicola Allegretta

Nicola Allegretta shares CCG’s passion for local, handcrafted food, and will be serving the produce he grows at City Farm in his restaurant just three miles away. The five year lease between CCG and Mr. Allegretta includes 16 of the 20 acres available, and is a tangible step towards regionalizing our community’s food system and increasing direct sales from farmer to consumer.

CCG hopes to continue fostering community-oriented agricultural production, especially among new farmers, with the remaining 4 acres. CCG will lease this portion of City Farm in ½ -1 acre plots specifically to organizations and individuals focused on education and experiential food production. Information on how to secure a plot and the request for proposals will be released in Fall 2013. All 20 acres of City Farm will be cultivated under organic methods.

CCG works to ensure a healthy and abundant supply of local and regional food through education, research, relationship building, and projects like City Farm, San Luis Obispo. CCG is excited to continue cultivating new and existing partnerships as City Farm and the organization’s other work evolves.

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July 31, 2013
Contact: Jenna Smith
Central Coast Grown
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