Water access & small plots for farmers at City Farm–San Luis Obispo

Four months after the agricultural well was installed at Central Coast Grown’s City Farm in San Luis Obispo, the water system, which will provide irrigation to the entire farm site, is up and running. City Farm–San Luis Obispo is an experiential and educational community farm in the center of San Luis Obispo on Calle Joaquin. The enterprises and farming that develops on site will act as a community resource by connecting the public to local food and farming through education and personal experiences.

Water tank 11.12.13The first farmer to break ground at City Farm will be Mama’s Meatball’s owner, Nicola Allegretta, and farm manager, Derron Dike. When asked what the access to water means to them, Allegretta and Dike reflected that, “With the serious water crisis occurring in our county, we’ve been growing our appreciation of the ample water supply in our particular location. We feel blessed with the water, soil, climate, and visionary people we are partnered with as we plan to grow and offer nourishment to the local community”.

Access to water at City Farm is also exciting news for both small and new farmers interested in experiential and educational farming in San Luis Obispo. Central Coast Grown will make a portion of their land available for individuals and organizations that wish to join the creative and collaborative environment developing at City Farm. CCG intends to sublease the plots to a flexible and diverse variety of local food and farming related endeavors with a focus on propelling sustainable agriculture forward. The request for proposals will be released in December 2013.

Central Coast Grown works to ensure a healthy and abundant supply of local and regional food through education, research, relationship building, and projects like City Farm–San Luis Obispo. For more information on CCG and City Farm, please visit our website:

November 12, 2013
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