PRESS RELEASE: Farmland Available for Lease at City Farm – San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Grown (CCG) is pleased to announce fourteen (14) acres of the City Farm–San Luis Obispo are now available for ground lease beginning immediately.

City Farm–San Luis Obispo is part of the Calle Joaquin Agricultural Reserve Open Space owned by the City of San Luis Obispo. CCG maintains a master lease agreement for the site and manages all relations with the city. The Reserve is intended for both agricultural production and education. Therefore, the public is occasionally on portions of the Reserve adjacent to the farmland being offered for lease. This irrigated Class One and Class Two farmland is located within the city along Highway 101 between Madonna and Los Osos Valley Roads. Two acres of the Agricultural Reserve is currently being leased to Green Gold Farms for organic strawberry production. Two additional acres of the reserve are currently managed by Central Coast Grown for educational programs and small scale crop production.

We are seeking several qualified individuals/organizations motivated to enrich our community through farming on portions of these fourteen acres of land, with between 1 and 10 acres for each farming enterprise proposed. The property has been cover cropped and farmed without chemical inputs for the last six years, and must remain viable for organic certification. The amount of acreage and length of the lease are negotiable (between 1-10 acres and 1-5 years). The farmland to be leased is intended for row crops, with the possibility for perennial plantings and animal husbandry, and has access to excellent water resources.

View the Request for Proposals here.

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Contact: Hunter Francis
Central Coast Grown