Our Global Family Garden Updated Wish List

Our Global Family press release photoSoil Amendments and Water are needed for life in the children’s garden at City Farm!

Everything on planet Earth grows with a steady supply of water and with good soil and nutrients. If you think about it, our children also need water and soil to grow because their bodies are nourished by eating farm fresh fruits and vegetables! We need to show this connection in Our Global Family garden plot. Please donate towards this cause:

$700 for Irrigation Supplies – Flexible main line, T’s, Y’s, elbows, ½” drip line, spaghetti tubing, emitters, sand filters, pressure regulators, reducers, timers, risers, landscape staples, end caps, goof plugs, faucets, male and female fittings, pop-up sprinklers, soaker hoses, etc.
$800 for Healthy Soil Amendments – Mushroom compost from Arroyo Grande Mushroom Farm ($300 for 40 yards), Black Diamond Vermicompost from SLO County Worm Farm in Paso Robles ($400 for 1 yard), Worm Tea from Mt. Olive Farm in Adelaide ($25/gallon for 4 gallons).

This is a win-win-win proposition….we build the soil food web with microbes and biology that feeds the plants, the water continues the life giving process, the plants supply nutrients back to the microorganisms that live in the soil and we then we feed our children the plants!

To donate, click here. (Please specify Our Global Family in the box at the bottom that says, “If this donation should be restricted for a certain activity, please specify.”)

Thank you,

Teresa “Tree” Lees
SLO Permaculture Guild Leader