Late Summer at City Farm

Late summer is ripening hot weather crops like cucumber, corn, watermelon and cantelope at City Farm.

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A photo posted by City Farm SLO (@cityfarmslo) on

While the School program was in recess, many other Farm activities continued to germinate and grow.

Our volunteer retired professional surveyor, Tom Taylor, laid out farm roads and parcels for existing and new subtenants.

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We joined other County farmers to feature our produce and our philosophy at the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

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The Paso Robles Culinary Arts Academy and High School Food Service selected us to supply fresh local vegetables in quantity for the benefit of their students. This initiated what promises to be beneficial commercial relationships between all the farmers at City Farm SLO and other educational institutions in the County.

Our summer farm assistant and intern are making this move into production agriculture possible.


So is the organizational plan of land, crops and labor being developed by Farm Manager, Nicki Anderson



Our contributions to the Salvation Army and Food Bank passed the thousand pound mark.

We signed a sublease for two acres with organic farmer Michael Huggins, new to San Luis Obispo, but experienced in organic farming in Maine and a professional expert in water conservation.



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The five acre parcel leased by subtenant Javier Managa of Arroyo Grande is producing huge crops of tomatillos and green beans and is being readied for a second planting.

Green Gold Farms, another subtenant and partner, has recovered from the setbacks to the continuation of their organic strawberry harvest created by a Spring hailstorm and a soil microbe, and they are reaping the benefits of a bumper crop of sweet, crisp and beautiful lunchbox peppers.


On August 25 students at Pacific Beach High School returned to City Farm with  teacher Anne Wilder to resume their study of sustainable agriculture, the food system, nutrition, and practical farming skills, including cooking.



Many were thrilled to discover the miraculous fruits of their labors after the brief summer absence.