Holiday Work Party at City Farm SLO


As the year draws to an end, City Farm is undergoing dramatic changes in preparation for new beginnings in 2018.  Board member Josh Carmichael has drawn up a master plan for our public education and gathering site and volunteers, Board members and all of our students are pitching in to bring those plans into fulfillment.

Master Plan for CCG plot at City Farm

The December 9 work party drew together about 20 people, including visitors from our sister organization in Paso Robles, One Cool Earth, to move lumber, fenceposts and supplies to a new boneyard to make room for an extension of the food forest.

Mulch left by local arborists was spread on the future parking area and the existing well and pump location recently equipped with a new larger secondary pump provided by donations and installed by volunteer Brian Engleton.


We got a good start on the task of removing wood chips from the old garden site to allow for the disking and tilling planned for January along with the installation of a new fence around the whole parcel to keep out the deer that have been decimating winter crops.

Midway through the three hour session, we took a break for cider and cookies donated by one of the workday’s organizers Jill Caggiano and for carrots and English peas donated by tenant farmer Javier Magana.


Thanks to everyone for getting so much done and for high spirits on a beautiful day.