Acreage for Lease at City Farm SLO January 2018


Central Coast Grown (CCG) would like to announce two and one third (2.3) acres of the City Farm–San Luis Obispo available for ground lease beginning immediately. This irrigated Class One and Class Two farmland is located within the city of San Luis Obispo, California and includes a large hoop house. (See Appendix A).

This farm is intended for row crops with the possibility for perennial plantings and animal husbandry. The property has been cover cropped and farmed without chemical additives for the last five years. The amount of acreage and length of the lease are negotiable.

This property is part of the Calle Joaquin Agricultural Reserve Open Space owned by the City of San Luis Obispo. CCG has secured the master lease agreement for this site and manages all relations with the city. Consequently, the lease agreement for this farmland will exist solely between the farmer and CCG.

The Reserve is intended for both agricultural production and education and therefore the public will occasionally be on portions of the Reserve adjacent to this farmland. One acre of the Reserve is leased to Dacite Farms, Michael Huggins, owner, 10.5 acres are leased to Red Barn Farms, Javier Magana owner, one acre is leased to Carmichael Environmental, Josh Carmichael, owner. One half acre is leased by Our Global Family Educational Garden and one half acre is managed by Central Coast Grown for public events and educational uses in collaboration with the San Luis Coastal Unified School District.

Benefits to leasing farmland within the City Farm–San Luis Obispo include:

• Prime farmland cover-cropped and row-cropped for the last four years
• Reliable water supply, agricultural well and pump with 300 GPM, 80 PSI capacity, and new high flow and low flow irrigation systems
• Easy access from Highway101
• Flexible lease length
• Public recognition through CCG’s outreach, marketing and programming efforts

Proposals must be submitted by email or mail, become the property of CCG and will not be returned.
Proposals and questions can be submitted to CCG at the following addresses:
P.O. Box 3736, San Luis Obispo, CA, 93403 Attn: Steven Marx
Email: and

Listed in order of priority:
• Farm products: Fruit and vegetable production will be given priority. Animal husbandry will be accepted as part of a holistic farming approach and/or educational program.
• Farming practices. While we will not require organic certification, the site must be managed in such a way so as to not preclude future tenants from acquiring certification.
• Experience and Financial solvency. Farming know-how, plausible business plan and demonstrated ability to pay rent in a timely manner.
• Public engagement. Comfort with or interest in the public’s engagement with educational programming organized by CCG.



Please provide full identification of the person(s) responsible for the proposal submitted:
Contact Information
Name(s) ________________________________________________________________


Telephone number(s)_____________________ _____________________

E-mail address(es)_________________________________________________________
Provide a list of licenses or certifications pertaining to this proposal.
_________________________________ _________________________________
_________________________________ _________________________________
_________________________________ _________________________________
Personal References
1. Name _______________________________________________________________
Address or email_______________________________________________________________
Phone number __________________________________________________________
2. Name _______________________________________________________________
Address or email _______________________________________________________________
Phone number __________________________________________________________
Professional References
1. Name _______________________________________________________________
Address or email _______________________________________________________________
Phone number __________________________________________________________
2. Name _______________________________________________________________
Address or email _______________________________________________________________
Phone number __________________________________________________________

Leasing Options:
I’m interested in leasing (1-2.3 acres):
Lease Term: 1-5 years with option to renew
I am interested in an initial lease length of ____ years (minimum lease length is one (1) year).
Lease Price:
I am interested in offering $______/acre per year. Bid offers must reflect local market values.
Please answer the following. Each answer is not to exceed two (2) paragraphs.
1. Describe your ability to carry out the proposed farming endeavor in regard to maintaining both agricultural production and financial solvency. Please include farming experience and training and resources you’ve relied upon
2. Describe your agricultural practices, such as soil amendment, irrigation, weed management, crop rotation, pest management, seed incubation or purchase of starts.
3. If any, describe any improvements, semi-permanent structures, or perennial plantings you envision for the property
4. Describe your interest in agricultural education of public an/or students, if any
5. Describe your sales and marketing plans.
6. If appropriate, provide any other information that you think is relevant.

Late proposals, modifications, and withdraws
Proposals may be withdrawn by written notice, signed by the bidder or an authorized representative. In the event that it becomes necessary to clarify or revise this RFP, changes will be done by addendum. Addenda will be posted on the front page of CCG’s website (, and distributed by mail or email upon request. If you wish to be added to the notification list please submit your contact information by email or mail. Any addendum to this RFP shall become part of this RFP.
Acreage Options
The minimum amount available through this proposal process is one acre and the maximum amount is two and one third acres.
Lease Price
Bid offers must reflect local market values.
Lease Length
The minimum lease term is one (1) year. The maximum lease length is five (5) years. All lease agreements may have the option to renew. CCG has secured the property for twenty (20) years.
Basis for Selection
Factors may include, but are not necessarily limited to: the crops to be grown, cultivation methods, length of lease term, bid value and compatibility with CCG’s plans for education. CCG’s decision to lease any portion of the property shall not be subject to legal challenge or appeal in any form.
Cost Liability
CCG assumes no responsibility and bears no liability for costs incurred by bidders in the preparation and submission of bid proposals in response to this RFP. Furthermore, CCG does not warrant or guarantee any current or future revenues that may be generated from leasing the premises.
Joint Venture
If a joint venture is submitting a bid, the agreement between the parties relating to said joint venture should be submitted with the joint venture’s proposal. Authorized signatories from each party comprising the joint venture must sign the bid proposal.
Proposal acceptance
CCG reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Final acceptance of any proposal will be conditional upon satisfactory negotiation and execution of a lease.
Acceptance of a proposal will not create any rights on the proposer’s part including, and without limitation, rights of enforcement, equity, or reimbursement.

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