January 13 Work Party–Deer Fence Construction

Our first work party of 2018 accomplished a lot and was great fun!  Fifteen volunteers participated, and 330 feet of stretched seven-foot wire deer fence was installed to protect our gardens from the ravages of deer.

CCG Board member Josh Carmichael took charge of the project well in advance, designing the fence, having his work crew plant wooden and t-posts, and procuring all the materials, and instructing the rest of us what to do.


That involved cutting and lifting the long heavy sections between gateposts into place,


attaching one end to the wooden posts with steel staples,


bolting a homebuilt wooden bridle to the other end and stretching it with a come-along winch


and finally fastening the fencing to wooden and steel posts with wire clips and staples.



Everybody kept busy from start to finish, accomplishing other necessary tasks along with the fence  construction, including reseeding patches of the new lawn dug up to bury water pipes and conduit


and raking out the new student garden plot.


CCG was honored by the participation of SLO City Council member Andy Pease, who biked out to the farm to party with us.


Though the work party was originally scheduled from 9:00 to noon, many volunteers remained till the job was done at 3:00 p.m.



  1. Claire

    Absolutely a most fulfilling day on so many levels – was a blast! Perfect Saturday – Great company, work,weather (and pizza) all in one 🙂 *Thank you to all*

  2. Emily B Franklin

    Wonderful to see progress.. I want to get out there and get my hands dirty! It’s been too long. This should definitely be a monthly thing for all members of the community. Get out there and get involved, the instant gratification from getting a job done and doing it for the greater good of others is unparalleled. Love to you farm folks!

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