February 10 2018 Work Party–Food Forest Planting

This beautiful winter day brought out more than fifteen people, including 4 children, to finish the job of planting our Food Forest and complete a range of other tasks.



First off was removing the cages installed around earlier plantings to protect them from the deer, no longer needed since last month’s installation of our seven-foot fence and gates. Then there was trimming and weeding the trees and shrubs planted in December which brought to light the arrangement  of a row of blooming narcissus and sprouting iris bulbs, now huge transplanted artichokes and still dormant citrus and stone fruit trees.


Joe, a returning volunteer, performed the first mowing of  the cover crop/lawn that he helped plant back in November.


Chief landscape designer, Josh Carmichael, gave a short talk under the pergola about the permaculture principles involved in growing a food forest, while his two daughters played with the model set up by Our Global Family Garden director, Tree Lees–a preview of some of the activities that take place on the adjoining site during her Farm Girls Summer Camp.


Six members of Cal Poly’s Alpha Gamma Rho Ag Fraternity showed up to help out and contributed their strength, skills, and good spirits to the task of digging holes in the dense clay soil and moving large piles of wood chip mulch.


Returning volunteers Tony Girolo, Rick Thomas and Jill and Nick Caggiano joined newcomers April Powell, Cindy Gaulin, Crow, Otto and Diana and their two sons in getting the new trees and shrubs into the ground, completing what will be a beautiful and productive border of our educational and public events headquarters.



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  1. Matthew Green

    Thanks to all for this great work day. I’m sorry I missed it. I wanted to participate but I was visiting my son at college. I’ll look forward to the next events.

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