What We Do

Mission Statement

Central Coast Grown creates strong connections among farmers, the public and the land to nourish our community, support local agriculture, and make local food products accessible for all.


Central Coast Grown envisions a community where local food and farming enterprises are sustained, our food culture thrives, and the coexistence of food production and education fosters a resilient local food system.


Sustainability: Moving toward economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially responsible food systems.

Innovation: Testing assumptions, remembering proven practices, and exploring new ideas.

Collaboration: Building community coalitions


Central Coast Grown (CCG) is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in San Luis Obispo, CA. We work to build local, sustainable and fair food systems by connecting the members of our community to the abundance of local food and farming in the County. We strive to bridge the gap between what people eat and where it comes from and in doing so, to strengthen the food culture and relationship people have with their food.

CCG envisions having the infrastructure of a productive food system established locally. Projects like City Farm, San Luis Obispo, the Public Land Survey and the Food System Assessment provide information and resources to help move our community in this direction.

You can find us tabling at events around the Central Coast or at City Farm, San Luis Obispo checking up on the rapidly developing urban farm. When we’re in the office, we can be found with local fruit in hand, often times collaborating with interns and community partners on our variety of projects. We also strive to be a regional resource by providing updates on our progress and local food news through our website and social media.

While there is a lot to advance our vision of a sustainable, regional food system, we find the day-to-day tasks of running Central Coast Grown to be rewarding in a place like San Luis Obispo, so rich with agriculture and a strong sense of community.