City Farm–San Luis Obispo


City Farm is San Luis Obispo’s first urban farm, spanning 20 acres in the heart of the City on the Calle Joaquin Ag Reserve. The land has been leased to Central Coast Grown for agricultural purposes as one way to uphold a city policy that requires 50% of prime agricultural land to remain under production.

City Farm land is divided up in small plots to be used for a variety of production-based and educational farming endeavors.

The goals of City Farm include resuming agricultural production on historic agricultural land, providing educational opportunities for the general public, and offering resources and affordable access to land to both current and future farmers. Experimentation, education and agricultural production at City Farm will stimulate economic activity in agricultural industries, enhance public health, and foster a local awareness and knowledge of local food and farming.

City Farm will transform the Calle Joaquin Ag Reserve into a dynamic place to learn and share what San Luis Obispo has to offer. As both a strong community resource and an enticing tourist attraction for visitors, Central Coast Grown envisions City Farm to grow and one day to encompass everything from you-picks and farm stands, to farmer incubation programs and food business facilities such as processing, storage and distribution infrastructure.

City Farm Website:

Our physical address is 1221 Calle Joaquin, San Luis Obispo.


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City Farm Experience

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City Farm Resources

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City Farm Photos

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