Tenant Farmers

City Farm – SLO shares its acreage with other sustainable, organic farmers. We work together to uphold local agricultural production and provide educational opportunities for the community. Want to become a tenant farmer at City Farm? Click here to see how much land is currently available for lease.

Dacite Farms


Where to Buy: Coming Soon!

Green Gold Organic Farms

Green Gold Organic Farm

Where to Buy:

Local Eateries – Big Sky Cafe, Side Car, Natural Food Co-Op, Whole Foods, Sycamore Springs

CSA – SloVeg

Institution – Paso Unified School District, Paso Culinary Academy

Red Barn Farms

Javier Red Barn Farms

Where to Buy Produce:

  • Tuesday (3 – 6pm): Grange Farmers’ Market
  • Friday (4-8pm): Avila Promenade
  • Saturday (9am – 1pm): Paso Robles City Park
  • City Farm CSA (Full-Share)

Where to Buy Juice:

If you are ever thirsty for a healthy, deliciously refreshing and energizing fresh pressed juice, check out Julia’s Juices. Red Barn Farms together with Julia’s Juices aim to bring fresh, pesticide-free produce and juices to SLO County.

  • Saturday (8 – 10:45am): Madonna Plaza Shopping Center World Market/Embassy Suites Parking Lot
  • 960 W Grande Avenue in Grover Beach (M-F 10am – 3pm | Saturday 9am – 3pm)