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Location: Arroyo Grande California 93420-4977 Work Phone: (805) 481-5827 Website:

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The West Coast_��s first Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) program is here. This fish is caught by our fishermen such as Mark Tognazzini of Morro Bay, and supports Central Coast commercial fishermen and their families.

CSF’s are for people who also want to participate in marine conservation solutions. The United States fishing industry is one of the most regulated in the world. This particular CSF is one part of a fishery reform project involving The Nature Conservancy and Central Coast Salmon Enhancement.

Here_��s What You Get For Participating:

FRESH CAUGHT Rockfish, lingcod, seabass, blackcod, sole, shark, albacore, and opah packaged in 8 ounce portions on ice and delivered to designated drop off locations with recipes.

Cost: $25 per month for small orders which feed 1-2 people one meal per week OR $48 per month for large orders which feed 3-4 people one meal per week.

Thank you for supporting our local fishing communities!