January 13, 2018 9:00 A.M.
City Farm SLO Work Party

Protect our Gardens!

Ring in the New Year by joining Friends of City Farm SLO in preparing our School Gardens for a new season.

Saturday January 13 is the day for completing a deer fence around the perimeter of our newly designed and reconstructed activity space.

IMG_1333Master Plan for CCG plot at City Farm

It will protect cropland where students at Pacific Beach High School and the PREPARE program grow, cook and eat their own vegetables, the new food forest orchard and the beautiful pergola used for instruction and public events like our Fall Harvest Festival.

In the last four years of these programs, deer (and some other mammals) have severely damaged the harvest by helping themselves to seedlings as well as mature crops.  This event will stop that from happening.

The posts will already be placed, but we need lots of help to attach rolls of fencing to them and hang several gates.  If time permits, we’ll also be installing new irrigation.

Instructions and supplies are supplied.  Join students and neighbors and learn some of the varied tasks and skills that it takes to maintain a small farm. Help keep up the momentum at City Farm’s ongoing improvement campaign, which has included soil preparation, weeding and sowing the now maturing cover crop.

Farm-grown snacks are provided.  Children welcome.


November 11, 2017 10:00 A.M.
City Farm SLO Work Party

Sowing a Winter Cover Crop

Come join friends and neighbors in preparing City Farm SLO for Winter.

We’ll be working the hard caked clay of uncovered areas surrounding the Student Garden and Pergola.

Tasks will include mowing and digging up weeds, watering, tilling the ground, sowing seed and mulching pathways.

This work will promote soil health, beautify the landscape, and enhance fertility for future plantings and events.

Tools and machines are provided. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring your own work gloves and water bottle. Be prepared for windy or cold weather and full sun.


City Farm veggie snacks will be provided

Pitch in and help maintain the momentum of the Fall Harvest Festival to make this a place to serve and enjoy.

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OCTOBER 8 2017: Fall Harvest Festival

Flyer - Fall Harvest Festival 2017

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