Food System Assessment

The results for the San Luis Obispo County Food System Assessment are now available. Learn about the state of our existing food system and how profitable, resilient, equitable and healthful it has the potential to be. The press release can be found on our blog.

9-oranges foregrounds-smallThe full report is available here:
San Luis Obispo County Food System Assessment

Or read each of the four visions separately here:
Vision 1
Vision 2
Vision 3
Vision 4

What is a food system?

Food systems include the connections and relationships between everything from the production and distribution to the disposal and waste of the food we eat. The strength and resiliency of a food system has a large impact on a community’s economic, environmental and social health. Gail Feenstra of UC SAREP (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program), conducted the research, in partnership with Central Coast Grown, based on four goals selected by the Food Systems Coalition of San Luis Obispo County: profitability, equitability, resiliency, and health promoting goals.

Assessing our food system helps us identify how our community is affected by the structure of our food system, including job creation, water and air quality, diet-related issues, and wellbeing of workers. Understanding the food system trends and relationships between different sectors can help community leaders and policy makers to work towards solutions.

Central Coast Grown is enthusiastic about this project, as it is a tool that enables us to better understand and support our community’s needs. Thank you to all the supporters throughout the process!