Public Land Survey


CCG conducted a survey of publicly owned land in San Luis Obispo County to take an inventory of our public resources and share this information with the public.  Making publicly-owned land available for agriculture has the potential to offer affordable resources to new and young farmers, and educational and recreational opportunities to the public.

The full report is available here:
Public Land Survey

The Public Land Survey systematically identified land parcels using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and aerial images to identify available public lands that are agriculturally viable (meeting desirable land use, soil type, slope, ground cover, and size criteria).

CF & CCG signBy leasing public lands at a lower price, new farmers may have the opportunity to start their careers without the burden of large financial investments upfront. There is also potential to develop publicly-owned land for agriculture-based education and tourism. The ultimate structure and use of public farmlands can be developed from the vision of the governing agency. Central Coast Grown’s farm called City Farm–San Luis Obispo is one example. Incorporating the intentional development of sustainable local farms in San Luis Obispo County will continue to contribute to the cultural history of farming that has characterized this region over time.

For additional reading on Public Land Surveys conducted in other areas:
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