Central Coast Grown has collaborated on a number of food systems projects that serve as a resource for localizing San Luis Obispo County’s food system. Learn more about our past and present projects and feel free to use them as resources for your own knowledge and/or food systems work.

Food System Assessment

Assessing our food system will help us identify how our community is affected by the structure of our food system, including job creation, water and air quality, diet-related issues, and wellbeing of workers. Understanding the food system trends and relationships between different sectors can help community leaders and policy makers to work towards solutions.

Public Land Survey

Making publicly-owned land available for agriculture has the potential to boost the farming job sector. The cost of purchasing land is often prohibitive for new farmers, who do not yet have an established business. By leasing public lands at a lower price, new farmers would have the opportunity to start their careers without the burden of large financial investments upfront. There is also potential to develop publicly-owned land for agriculture-based education and tourism. The ultimate structure and use of public farmlands can be developed from the vision of the governing agency.

Farm to Institution

Farm to School programs connect schools with local farms. Schools buy and feature farm fresh foods on their menus, incorporate nutrition education curriculum, and provide students experiential learning opportunities through farm visits, gardening, and recycling programs. Farmers have access to a new market and participate in programs designed to educate children about local food and agriculture.

Find Local Food

Central Coast Grown champions a sustainable local and regional food system to ensure a nourishing, diverse, and abundant supply of food that is resilient, safe, and secure. Visit this page to search for SLO County Farms & CSAs, Farmers’ Markets, Restaurants and Retail Stores.